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Executors: What you are entitled to

As executor, you take a lot of care and responsibility. But what, if anything, are you entitled to?

Executors: How to protect yourself from claims

Before finalising the estate, take steps necessary to protect yourself from claims and take advantage of protections offered by the law of Western Australia.

How to choose a good Probate lawyer

Lawyers have had a lot of bad press over the years – much of it probably well-deserved. However, times are changing. The best modern law firms are highly focussed on providing the optimal client experience and solving their clients’ problems, generally at fixed prices.

Executors: How to stay sane

Being an executor can be a stressful, time-consuming and sometimes difficult job. And it’s probably on top of your day-job, family and other pressures too. Consider these tips and keep your sanity.

Executors are not Superheros. It’s okay to ask for help.

Many executors manage the estate on an entirely unpaid (voluntary) basis. They deserve a medal. However, the time-consuming and sometimes difficult work of managing and estate can take its toll – we see many an exhausted executor.

There is a better way! Being an executor doesn’t mean you (personally) have to do everything.

Don’t drown in paperwork. Five easy steps to getting it sorted.

Managing a deceased estate inevitably involves sorting through lots of documents. It’s a task worth doing properly as well organised documents are essential to working efficiently. Follow our five simple steps to get your documents in order.

Protecting assets: An important first step for executors

Most of an executor’s tasks are not urgent. However, it is important to secure the deceased’s assets as soon as possible after death.

Benefit from our experience

Perth Probate Centre is a service of lawyers Birman & Ride. With 35 years of service to the community, Birman…

Can I change the terms of a Will?

If you have been appointed the as executor of a Will, you are bound to carry out the wishes of the…