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I can’t find the original Will. What next?

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Usually the Supreme Court of Western Australia will only issue a Grant of Probate if the executor produces the original Will of the deceased, but you may still be able to obtain a grant if you only have a copy of the Will.

Do I need a probate lawyer?

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If the estate is straightforward, and you have time, you can probably carry out most of the necessary work yourself. If the estate is complex, you should always seek advice from a probate lawyer.

Why are our Probate fees so low?

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Our interactive technology allows us to significantly reduce the cost of providing consumer legal services. Common tasks, such as making an Application for Probate, that would previously have taken many hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time. We pass on these savings to clients in the form of lower Probate fees.

What does it mean to die intestate?

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A person dies intestate if they die without a valid Will. A partial intestacy occurs where a valid Will does not dispose of the testator’s entire estate.

What information do I need to make a probate application?

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A probate application must include information about the deceased’s Will, the date and location of their death and a statement of their assets and liabilites. An application for Letters of Administration must set out the deceased’s family tree, the date and location of their death and a statement of their assets and liabilites.

Should I make my own application?

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You’ve identified that you need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. You have a choice to make in terms of getting the job done – DIY or hire a lawyer. Let’s compare the options.

What is a surety guarantee?

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A surety guarantee is a guarantee given by a third party to make good any loss suffered by a beneficiary where an administrator improperly benefits him or herself or otherwise acts unlawfully.