Complex applications

Our experienced probate lawyers can assist you with a range of complex applications for Probate or Letters of Administration.

Our experienced probate and estate administration lawyers can assist you with your complex application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.


How we can help

For complex applications, we recommend you start by booking a consultation. After the consultation we will give you a  quote for our further services.

Complex applications

Consultation $198 / 385

Book a consultation ($198 for 30 mins / $385 for 60 mins)  to discuss your complex application. We will give you a written quote following the consultation.

We can help you with:

  • applications for a Grant of Probate of a Will that has not been correctly signed or witnessed (known as an informal Will);
  • a Grant of Probate of a Will that has been lost or destroyed, but which was not revoked by the Testator;
  • advice if you are not certain that the deceased was of full mental capacity when the Will was signed;
  • advice if you are unsure whether the Will is the last Will of the deceased or there is any evidence the deceased wished to revoke the Will;
  • advice if the Will is vague or unclear;
  • applications for a Grant of Letters of Administration on behalf of a minor beneficiary or creditor of the estate;
  • applications for Letters of Administration de bonis non administratis, required where the executor or adminisrator of an estate dies without having completed administration of the estate;
  • surety guarantees and s17A Deeds where there are minor beneficiaries of an intestate estate.

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